The LXARC Repeater is offline.

Right now the repeater has not been built but will consist of a pair of Kenwood TK840N Commercial Radios operating on the UHF band.

I am already working on getting a frequency pair for it from the state frequency coordiator.

The plan is to have the repeater up and running by January 2022. If you have any input on the project, please feel free to reach out to me at k0ltn@lxarc.com

The Radios: A pair of Kenwood TK-840-N UHF Tranceivers, I have 2 microphones but only one will be used in the repeater setup.


The Duplexer: I still need to pull the information on this unit off the sticker on the front, I just have not done so yet. I purchased it from a friend and fellow HAM, Duane (KB0TTC) for use with the repeater.

The Controller: The repeater controller is being ran by a Raspberry Pi via a USB audio adapter and the GPIO pins to read the COS (Carrier Operated Squelch) on the receiving radio and activate the PTT (Push To Talk) on the transmitting radio.


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